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    • Voyages Maldives GSA Event with inauguration of GoAir Direct Fli
      15th October 2018
      Voyages Maldives GSA Event with inauguration of GoAir Direct Flights to Male from Delhi and Mumbai was held in Hotel Jen Male City on 15th October 2018.
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    • South Asian Travel Awards 2018 Successfully Concluded in the Taj
      15th September 2018
      The prestigious South Asian Travel Awards (SATA )2018 has successfully concluded in the iconic property, The Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai ...
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    • MIB Mobile App Launching
      09th May 2018
      MIB Mobile Application Launching held at Hotel Jen on 8th May 2018.
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    • F&B 2018 Successfully Concluded
      07th May 2018
      The 3rd Annual Food and Beverage Show was held from 3rd - 5th May at the National Art Gallery.
      Highrise have started the F&B Show in 2016 with the aim of developing an exclusive platform to showcase Imported and Local Food & Beverage Brands available in the Market ...
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    • Maldives Living Expo 2018 concluded with record number
      10th March 2018
      The 6th annual Maldives Living Expo presented by HighRise, concluded its 2018 edition on 10th March ...
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  • 15th October 2018
    Voyages Maldives GSA Event with inauguration of GoAir Direct Fli
    Voyages Maldives GSA Event with inauguration of GoAir Direct Flights to Male from Delhi and Mumbai 
  • 08th March 2018
    The Hawks Pvt Ltd 11th Anniversary
    The 11th Anniversary of Hawks Pvt Ltd was managed by Highrise and was held in Jen Hotel located in the capital city of Maldives ...
  • 28th December 2017
    Shenzhen City Photography Exhibition
    A special photo exhibition showcasing the Chinese city of Shenzhen was managed by High Rise Private Limited ...
  • 19th October 2017
    South Asian Travel Awards 2017
  • 21st September 2017
    Print & Advertising Service Show (PASS)
  • 14th September 2017
    Women Leadership in Maldives 2017
  • 10th July 2017
    Official Event to Handover Kulhudhufushi Regional Hospital to NI
  • 06th July 2017
    Vacation Expo 2017
  • 18th May 2017
    Maldives F&B Show 2017
  • 24th February 2017
    Sounds of Maldives - Singapore
  • 16th February 2017
    Maldives Living Expo 2017
  • 02nd June 2016
    Maldives F&B Show 2016
  • 11th March 2016
    Heat Fusion - Health & Fitness Event
  • 06th May 2015
    6th Edition of Sounds of Maldives - Dubai
    6th Edition of Sounds of Maldives was held in Dubai promoting Maldives with local talents ...
  • 05th May 2015
    Maldives Travel Awards - Special Edition Dusit Thani Dubai
    The Special Edition of Maldives Travel Awards was held in Dusit Thani Dubai on 5th May 2015.
  • 04th February 2015
    Sri Lankan Independence Day 2015
    Sri Lankan Independence Day Celebration organized by the High Commission of Sri Lanka was managed and organized by High Rise
  • 11th August 2014
    Colors Awards 2014
    The School Colors Awards 2014 in assocation with Ministry of Education and Nestle Milo was planned , managed and executed by Highrise from its idea.
  • 21st December 2013
    Maldives Travel Awards 2013
  • 05th September 2013
    Thimarafushi Airport Inauguration
  • 25th August 2013
    Unoosha Live in Kerala
    Unoosha Live in Kerala was the 2nd edition of her Solo Concert Series ...
  • 08th July 2013
    One Nation Raajje Tour , Edition 4, Laamu Gan
    The Unity Music Campaign "One Nation Rajje Tour" holds its fourth edition at Laamu Atoll Gan on 8th July ...
  • 08th June 2013
    Sounds of Maldives 2013 , Kuala Lumpur
    Sounds of Maldives 2013 was held at Bentley Music Auditorium, Kuala Lumpur on 09th June 2013 ...
  • 01st March 2013
    Maldives Visiting Guide
    Maldives Visiting Guide equips travelers with everything they need to know about how to enjoy the island world of Maldives ...
  • 25th February 2013
    Maldives Living Expo
    The Maldives Living Expo is the premier Exhibition held in the Maldives annually presenting the finer things for Life ...
  • 20th January 2013
    Fly Dubai Launching in Maldives
    Fly Dubai (UAE's Budget Airline) inauguration event including the grand dinner, PSA Office Opening and the New Conference was organized and managed by High Rise ...
  • 21st September 2012
    Maldives Travel Awards 2012
  • 11th September 2012
    Sri Lankan Airlines PR Activity at Kurumba Maldives
    Sri Lankan Airlines PR Activity for frequent Flyers held at Kurumba Maldives was fully managed by High Rise. 
  • 04th July 2012
    Maldives Film Awards 2012
    Highrise have been the Exclusive Event Manager appointed by the Maldives Film Association to organize and manage the Maldives Film Awards ...
  • 03rd July 2012
    Kooddoo Domestic Airport Opening
    Highrise organized and managed the entertainment event held at Ga.Villingili on the occassion of inaugurating the new Domestic Airport at Ga.Kooddoo.
  • 08th June 2012
    Sounds of Maldives 2012 at Mt.Lavinia Hotel , Colombo
    Sounds of Maldives 2013 was held at the Paradise Beach of Mount Lavinia Hotel , Sri Lanka ...
  • 01st May 2012
    Black Fashion Outlet Opening
    Black Fashion Outlet Opening held at Flower Road, Colombo was fully managed by Highrise. the event included Fashion Display, Entertainment and other acitivities.
  • 08th March 2012
    One Nation Raajje Tour , Edition 2, Male' City
    The 2nd Edition of One Nation Rajje Tour has been succesfully executed in Male' City. Many popular musicians including popular boduberu groups participated at the event held at the Carnival. 
  • 03rd January 2012
    One Nation Raajje Tour , Edition 1, Fuvahmulah
    One Nation Raajje Tour , Edition 1 has been successfully delivered at Gn. Fuvahmulah on Equator. A brand initiated to unite the nation using the entertainment , art and talent have started ...
  • 14th November 2011
    Mr.MNDF 2011 at Addu City
    Highrise successfully executed the very first entertainment and sports event held at Equatorial Convention Center (ECC) , Addu City just after the 17th SAARC Summit ...
  • 04th November 2011
    Esa in Concert
    The popular musician, song writer have concluded his first solo concert at Olympus. The event featured his original songs which has been sung 16 years back ...
  • 02nd November 2011
    Addidas Jersey Launching for Maldivian National Soccer Team
    A Special event to Launch the 1st Exclusive Customize Jersey of Addidas for the Maldivian National Soccer Team was organized and Managed by High Rise ...
  • 07th September 2011
    Unoosha Live in Colombo
    Highrise organized and managed the first concert of an Maldivian Female Musician held abroad ...
  • 04th August 2011
    Micromax Mobile Launching
    Micromax Mobile launching in Maldives was managed by High Rise ...
  • 07th July 2011
    Maldives Film Awards 2011
    The initial Film Awards namely the MALDIVES FILM AWARDS with Enchanteur as the Main Sponsor have successfully been delivered at the Social Center in Male' City ...
  • 08th June 2011
    Sounds of Maldives 2011, Male'
    Sounds of Maldives holds its 2nd edition in Male' City namely SOUNDS OF MALDIVES FOR EVERYONE ...
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