Our History

  • High Rise was formed in 2007 as a graphic design and event management company. It expanded and incorporated with full fledge other services by providing all-in-one solution to the clients.

    "Unique Ideas Just for You"
    You will have access to a pool of creative artists. This results in a collision of creative ideas and a collection of unique perspectives that is available for you. Originality, creativity and quality output is what we offer, And we are dedicated to give you the best. trained with discipline.

    "What's better and what's best"

    Options, options, options. We have lots of it. We prioritize your needs and we give you wide variety of services to choose from and freedom to control it. We use the latest technology and support.

    "Additional manpower here..."

    Think of it as hiring us as your additional staff, but we are more cost-effective and self-managed. You will have a team with different areas of expertise, making us a one-stop-shop for all
    your creative needs.
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